Schools Database

Schools Database

You can use the Schools Database to see if your elementary or high school allows blood testing in the classroom and whether there is a full time school nurse. If your school is not shown, send an e-mail to with the school name, address, and NCES ID. The NCES ID is a four or five digit number unique to each public school in the United States.

Select your school by school name, district, ZIP code, or city and state, as shown in the form below. You'll see a list of schools that match your search. Then click on your school to view the information we have about your school. You may add to the database by entering in blood testing policy, school nurse status, and your comments.

Step 1: Find Your School and Update It
Select only one option to search

Option 1:
School Name
Enter the start of the school name. For "Lakota East High School," enter "Lakota" to find it. If you enter a school name, we ignore ZIP, City, and State. Enter at least three letters.
Option 2:
District Name: 
Enter the start of the district name. For example, "Lak" finds "Lakota" or "Lake Hills". Enter at least three letters. 
Option 3:
ZIP Code 
Enter the start of the ZIP code. For "45011-1234," enter "45011" to find it.
Option 4:
City and State 
Enter the start of the city and select the state. Enter at least three letters for the city.
Step 2: Find Schools By Blood Testing Rules
Find a school near you that allow blood testing in the classroom, for example.

Find schools where blood testing is allowed  
Restrict to schools with the following ZIP Code  
Restrict to schools in the following state  

Updated September 9, 2001

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