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Free and Anonymous Access
This is the web site of Children with Diabetes ("we" and "us"). Access is free and anonymous. At no time are you required to give any information about yourself to access the main web site. You will need to register to post content in the CWD Forums, however. The privacy of visitors is of paramount importance to us.

Information Sharing and Disclosure
We do not share any data that might identify any individual with anyone or any third party.

Our web sites are funded by advertisements and sponsorships. All ads on our web sites are served by our own, internally-developed advertising engine. These ads are delivered without placing a cookie on your computer, and therefore we do not have any knowledge of who has seen what ads. Third-party ad delivery is not permitted on our web site.

Certain pages within this web site have the ability to place a cookie on your computer. These cookies serve only to remember information that helps you get to pages you want. The CWD Forums uses cookies, and the cwdMail services allow you to store your login information in a cookie to simplify logging in. The Quilt for Life calendar uses cookies to assemble the quilts for your calendar. Cookies are not used to track what pages you look at. The chat rooms require cookies as a way of managing users. Cookie information is not stored in the web server, with the exception of the chat server, which does store cookie information to enable abusive users to be restricted from accessing the chat rooms.

Access Logs
Each web page access is recorded in a log file. The contents of the log file are analyzed to determine how many visitors we serve, what pages they look at most, and from where they connect. Individual session data is not kept or examined. Our web site statistics are and always have been open to the public.

Chat Rooms
Users are required to type in a name to use the chat rooms. The name need not be a real name and serves only to identify the messages sent by each user of the chat rooms. The chat rooms have some ability to filter profanity. Abusive users can and will be banned from using the chat rooms. Use of the chat rooms requires browsers that have cookies enabled.

Each chat room generates a transcript that contains each message posted and the address of the computer used to post the message. These transcripts are used to track down users who post abusive messages or who threaten other users of the chat rooms. No other use is made of the chat room transcripts, and they are not made available to anyone for any purpose.

CWD Forums
The CWD Forums requires users to register before they are allowed to post a message. Registration requires users to enter a first name, last name, and e-mail address. The names need not be your real names, but will be used to identify the source of each message you post.

The cwdMail requires users to create a user id before they can use the service. First name, last name (optional), user id, and password are stored in a database which is used to validate users. The information in the cwdMail database is never shared with anyone for any reason.

Family Support Network
The Family Support Network contains names and information about people living with diabetes who want to connect with others in a similar situation. Parents can find other parents or babysitters for their kids, for example. The information in the Family Support Network is not used by us for any purpose and is not shared with anyone. The data exists only to allow people living with diabetes to find others like themselves. Visitors are allowed to send messages to people in the Family Support Network using a web interface that never exposes the recipient's email address.

Mailing Lists
We operates several support mailing lists. The mailing list addresses are not available for sale or rent to anyone. The mailing lists exist only to provide an opportunity for parents, adults, teens, and others to share their experiences living with diabetes. When possible, we do sell advertising in busier mailing lists to help pay for running the lists. The advertising takes the form of a few lines of text placed at the end of each message. HTML is not permitted in this ad, so there is no tracking of readers.

You may request to receive a weekly e-mail containing a copy of the What's New page by adding your name to the What's New Mailing List. You may remove your name at any time by using the same link that you used to sign up. Instructions on how to remove your name are included at the bottom of each What's New e-mail.

You may sign up for our Product Information mailing list, which is specifically for receiving information about diabetes-related products, special sales, and similar commercial messages. The e-mail addresses on this list are never shared with anyone. Only companies that offer products consistent with our editorial and medical policies are permitted to send e-mail to the Product Information mailing list. Each message is individually approved by Children with Diabetes before it is released to the list. Individual e-mail addresses on the list are never known to the companies who send e-mail to the list. Children with Diabetes charges a fee for advertisers to send a message to the Product Information mailing list, and that revenue supports the operation of the web site and other mailing lists.

Ask the Diabetes Team Questions
Visitors who wish to submit a question to the Diabetes Team are asked to include their name, e-mail address, and where they live so that we can best answer their question and send them a reply. We do not publish these e-mail addresses unless specifically requested to do so. We do not store these e-mail addresses in a database. They are discarded after an answer to the question has been posted on-line. This also means that we cannot identify the name or e-mail address of someone who submitted a question.

E-mail This Page
Visitors can send an e-mail to a friend with a link to any of our web pages. We store which pages are e-mailed and the IP address from which the request was made. Each day, we generate a list of the top 10 e-mailed pages and display that list on the home page. We do not store the e-mail address of either the sender or the recipient.

Each week, we run a different poll. Responses to the poll are anonymous. The date and time, IP address, and vote for each vote cast is recorded and reviewed prior to publishing the results. We use this record to remove obviously duplicated answers, which sometimes happens. Removing duplicates helps to make the poll results more accurate, but the polls are not scientific.

Parents with children under the age of 13 who want their children to participate in those parts of that may include identifying information must submit a Parental Permission Letter.

Parents may request that information about their child be removed from the Family Support Network, the Forums, or the Kids' Voices home pages at anytime by contacting us at the address below.

We do not obtain personally identifying information about you during your use of the web site, unless you choose to provide it in one of the few areas where it is possible to provide it. If you do choose to add information about yourself to the site -- for example, in the Family Support Network -- we do not share your data with any third parties, nor do we use your data to market to you. Privacy and anonymity are an important part of our promise to you.

If you have any questions about your privacy at the our web site, write to:

Children with Diabetes, Inc.
5689 Chancery Place
Hamilton, OH 45011

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