Humorous Tidbits from 2002

Humorous Tidbits from 2002

The diagnosis of diabetes changes you and your family forever. However, in between the challenges of caring for diabetes come amusing moments that remind us of the important things in our lives, like our families and laughing.
  1. Pam
    My non-D daughter was writing with a mechanical pencil and constantly having trouble with the lead (the kind you insert at the writing point of the pencil). She said, "Mom, this pencil needs a new lancet!"
    2 December 2002

  2. Stacey
    For two days there had been a fly in my house. We'd tried to kill it and it kept escaping Well, this morning, Jesse was eating breakfast and it landed on the table and I was able to squish it. Jesse looked at the poor thing and screamed, "Quick! Get my meter!" This little bugger left a bloody blob on the table. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough blood for even the One Touch Ultra! The funniest part though was that my DH heard him scream (figured there was a problem) and came running into the kitchen dripping wet from the shower wrapped in a towel. He sees us trying to scrape the blood onto the strip, shook his head, and walked out.
    10 November 2002

  3. Yope
    Looking through the menu in a restaurant, while my wife was checking my son's glucose reading, I overheard a boy on the other table asking his father, "See Dad look there, why are you always getting mad as I stick my middle finger towards Mom or you and his mother is still smiling at that boy?"
    10 November 2002

  4. Heidyn
    As a new pumper, I wanted to express to the world the said fact. Therefore, I specialized my license plate-NSLNPMP. To my chagrin, nobody had any idea what it stood for, but my dad (who has a pretty good understanding of me) had the most original idea -- "Nice and Plump?"
    31 October 2002

  5. Ellen
    My son James has had diabetes since he was 14 months old. I attend a diabetes support group and the subject came up of giving the child with diabetes control over their diabetes. One example they gave was to have the child decide where they wanted their shot (e.g., arm, stomach, thigh, buttocks). The next morning I asked James, who was 3 at the time, "Where would you like your shot today?" James' response was, "IN THOMAS". Thomas is James' older brother. Thank God for James, he does keep us laughing!
    18 October 2002

  6. Stacy
    My 5 year old son, Noah, was just diagnosed a month ago. The other day when we were discussing Halloween, I asked him if he still wanted to go trick-or-treating even though he could not have all that candy. He replied, "Of course, but when I get home, can I sell my candy to the kids who don't have diabetes?"
    13 October 2002

  7. Denise
    My six year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 on April 1 (of all days!) 2002. He is an avid Pokemon fan. We were teaching him how to read the nutrition labels and find out how many carbs are in various foods. One day he picked up a can of light lemonade and said "Mom, this does 2 points damage, can I drink this?" So now we track our carbs by how many "hit points" or how much "damage" a food will do.
    10 October 2002

  8. Amanda
    I use a MiniMed insulin pump. I started on the pump at 17, so I've been self-sufficient on the pump. I asked my mom once to order some more infusion sets. She called MiniMed, and they asked if she wanted the 6 mm or 9 mm infusion sets. She replied, "I think I need the 6 inchers." The lady from MiniMed couldn't stop laughing. My mom now knows it's 6 mm, not six inches.
    10 October 2002

  9. Cheryl
    Elizabeth Anne just turned five years old and has had diabetes since she was thirteen months old. When Elizabeth Anne was three, my sister found out she and her husband were expecting their first child. Since my sister and I are so close and she is like a second mom for Elizabeth Anne, my sister didn't want Elizabeth Anne to feel left out because of the new baby so she decided to ask Elizabeth Anne to help them name the new baby. After several days in deep thought, Elizabeth Anne announced that if the baby was a girl we would name her Glucose Tablets! We all thought it was funny, but Elizabeth Anne was truly serious. When she told her teacher the new name, her teacher asked her why Glucose Tablets if the baby is a girl and not a boy. Elizabeth Anne laughed and responded, "Because Glucose Tablets is a girl name silly!" (By the way, the baby was named Joshua, and Elizabeth Anne is still hoping for a little Glucose Tablets!)
    1 October 2002

  10. Karren
    Zachary, now four and diagnosed at 15 months, received a pretend ice cream parlor recently. While he and his sister, Mackenzie, were making sundaes and such, Zach asked me for my order. I asked for a sugar cone with chocolate ice cream. He looked at me and said, "Mommy, you can't have a sugar cone, it has sugar in it. My set is for diabetics only."
    5 September 2002

  11. Rachel
    Kaylee is four years old has had diabetes for two years now. A while back, she had a low while we were grocery shopping. Since we were already at the check out line, I reached over and grabbed some candy and had her eat it. Her sugar went back up and everything was fine, so we went home. About a month later we were at the store and she wanted some candy. I told her no and she yelled, "I have diabetes, if I don't eat this candy I will pass out. OK, I am counting to three and if I don't get this candy I will pass out and die. One ... Two ... Three! OK, that's it, here I go." She laid down on the floor and told me, "You know it is going to rain tonight because you are making God sad because you are not giving me candy. I will give you another chance tomorrow."
    27 August 2002

  12. Edie
    I recently took my daughter in to the urgent care center and when the nurse asked for her symptoms my daughter started with, "Well, last night I was high." Luckily the nurse also had diabetes and knew what she meant.
    27 August 2002

  13. Theresa
    I'm 21 and a newly diagnosed. I took my uncle's cat to the vet for her weekly Feline Diabetic checkup. One of the kids in the waiting room asked what the cat was in for. I told her, "A diabetes check up." I had to check my sugar just then and she asked what I was doing. I told her I was also diabetic. Her reply was, "It runs in the Family?"
    22 August 2002

  14. Dawn
    When I told my 6 year old daughter she had been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 2001, I explained that her Grandmother also had diabetes but her was type 2. Amanda looked at me with a big grin on her face and her two thumbs up and said, "Cool! I'm number 1." She was also very excited to go to the hospital because she likes the ice they have. AAAAhhhh the mind of a 6 year old!
    16 August 2002

  15. Michael
    One day, when I gleefully announced to my 8 year old daughter that scientists were successfully working on ways to transplant islet cells, I was surprised to find that her reaction appeared sort of solemn. When I asked her if something was wrong, she said, "I hope they don't find a cure until I get my chance at a pump."
    1 August 2002

  16. Alison
    My sister has diabetes. When I was 7 or 8 eight years old, I was always jealous when my sister got sweets to treat low blood sugar. One time when she got a fruit snack, I said, "I feel low, too! I need a fruit snack." Then, my mom said "OK, let's test you!" and I said, "NO, NO, NO! I'm not THAT hungry."
    1 August 2002

  17. Linda
    Yesterday while at the computer (talking to all my friends on the CWD parents list), my two daughters came in to tell me they would wash my car if I would baby sit their baby dolls. I told them, "Sure, put 'em over there." They proceeded to leave me with a list of instructions and supplies. It seems that "Laura" has diabetes, "Tyler" has celiac, and "Jordan" has asthma. I was happy to oblige!
    1 August 2002

  18. Amy
    My soon-to-be 4 year old (diagnosed 7 weeks earlier) started camp. They called me to say they checked his blood sugar before lunch and it was 661. I thought this was kind of high, but didn't panic (which I am pleased to report). The camp assured me that he looked fine, they were pushing water, and getting him to run around. I picked him up about an hour later and he looked fine to me. We came home and I just had to see this 661 for myself. The recall button on the meter ran through a string of numbers for the last two weeks, but no 661 - oh yes, there was a 199 as the last reading. You guessed it - the camp was reading the meter upside down! I had to laugh (and so did the doctor's office).
    4 July 2002

  19. Kay
    Three weeks ago our six-year-old Anneliese was diagnosed with diabetes. After a week in hospital learning how to deal with our new life, we came home. Tucking her into bed the next night, I said "I love you soooo much." "Why Mummy?" was the little reply. "Because you're sweet, and pretty, and kind, and loving, and brave...," and before I could find anymore adjectives to describe this gorgeous little girl, she said "And diabetical?!"
    23 June 2002

  20. Andrea
    My four year old Sarah was just diagnosed early this year. A friend gave us the book "Diabetes for Dummies." One day Sarah asked what I was reading and I told her "Diabetes for Dummies." I didn't want her to think that she was a Dummy because she now had diabetes so I quickly added, "I'm the Dummy." A few days later she asked if she would always have diabetes. I gently told her yes. With great concern she then asked, "Will you always be a Dummy?"
    13 June 2002

  21. Tracey
    We were eating dinner at a restaurant one night and our 3-year old son Jacob, diagnosed at 18 months, was starting to get very quiet, staring, etc. I very quietly asked him if he was getting low so as not to make a scene. Just as I went to reach for his meter he very loudly proclaimed, "NO MOMMY, I'M GETTIN' HIGH!" Boy did the heads turn to us (if they only knew the real meaning why he said of those bittersweet moments).
    12 June 2002

  22. Maria
    The other day, my 11 year old was watching a basketball game. He said, "The other teams needs 3 more units to win." Too funny!
    9 June 2002

  23. Larry
    My son Jacob was diagnosed at 20 months and is now just about 4 years old. Today our family went to our local JDRF chapter "Walk for a Cure." Jacob asked where we were going and I told him we were walking to find a cure for his diabetes. He thought for a few seconds and then asked me: "What's it look like?" I said, "excuse me?" This time, he didn't miss a beat and said: "If we are walking to find the cure, we need to know what it looks like so we will know if we find it." Out of the mouths of babes....
    9 June 2002

  24. Lisa
    My daughter Jessamy is 11 and has had diabetes since her 2nd birthday. Last year I went to the ocean for a "girls weekend" with several longtime friends. The owner of the house had a dog that had recently been diagnosed with Diabetes. She was giving him 2 shots a day just like my daughter gets. I called Jessamy on the phone to tell her that Teresa's dog has diabetes. She, like I, thought that was kind of cool (to know a dog with diabetes). Her first question was "How can they tell when he's low?" and then I realized Teresa didn't know. Teresa and I had a long discussion on what Jessy says she feels like and how she acts when she is low. Teresa was very happy to have that information, as the Vet never said anything about low reactions.
    9 June 2002

  25. Dianne
    My 10 year old daughter with diabetes was having a little snooze on the couch next to her non diabetic 2 year old brother. I didn't realize until after I checked her sugar that her little brother had stuck his finger out for a test and I had pricked his finger and tested him instead of her! He didn't even flinch! (His reading was in the normal range thankfully) She wears an insulin pump and when we change her infusion site, we have to go through all the motions with him too. He doesn't want to be left out!
    4 June 2002

  26. Adriana
    My 9-year old diabetic daughter and her 6-year old non-d sister were having a discussion about flies. They were arguing whether or not flies had meat. If they did not have meat, they did not have protein; therefore, they were a free food.
    21 May 2002

  27. Adriana
    Yesterday evening, my two daughters and I were driving back from a girl scout meeting, with a pizza on the front seat of the car. I was trying to figure out how to eat the pizza, get some exercise done (so the pizza would not highly affect my 9 year old daughter's glucose level), finish homework, call my husband on the phone so our daughters could get his good night kiss from out of town, take a bath, and get to bed on time. My 6 year old, non-d daughter was singing a song to their newly acquired diabetic bear, while my diabetic daughter was reading a book. Unfortunately, I was not paying close attention to the song until the very end of it: "...!" My 9 year old and I burst out laughing. I do not know what part of the song was more shocking--the "diabetes" part of it, or the ".com" one!
    21 May 2002

  28. Shelly
    My son Noah was 18 months when he was diagnosed so his diabetes has been a part of his life from the beginning. Shortly after beginning preschool at age three he got sick and had a case of diarrhea. My mom stayed home with him and we explained that he couldn't go to school that day. While he was with my mom he told her "I can't go to school today because I have diabetes". The poor boy was so confused but it made us laugh.
    7 May 2002

  29. Laura
    Last night, I was fighting a migraine. When the alarm went off at 2 a.m. to test Sam, I gave Neal a little shove and asked him to do it. He sat up, walked into Sam's room, and started fiddling. It seemed to be taking an awfully long time - and I didn't hear any "beeps" coming from his meter - so I wondered what was going on. After a couple of minutes, Neal walked back in, and said, "I can't figure out how to test him."

    Uh oh. I said, "What are you talking about? The meter is right there on his desk. You used it right before you came to bed. Sam was low. Go test him." Neal said, "Oooooh! Never mind." And he walked back in. I heard the beeps, Sam was a little high, and needed a correction. Figured I better go in there with the way Neal was acting - Sam was bolusing correctly, but Neal wasn't listening for the clicks (we count clicks on the 508 because sometimes Sam over-boluses in his half-sleep, and we want to make sure).

    The bottom line? Neal was trying to figure out how to test Mo, our yellow lab, and he couldn't get the meter through the hair.
    18 April 2002

  30. Kim
    My daughter Jeanee was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1992 when she was 2 years old. Every day I would send her two half sandwiches cut down the middle for her morning and afternoon snacks at school. One day I decided to be different, and cut her sandwich diagonally. When she got home from school, I asked her how she liked the way I cut her sandwich. She said it was neat, but not to cut it that way anymore because it takes her way too long to eat it!
    11 April 2002

  31. Susan
    I am a Type 1 pump wearer who has grown up with diabetes, but most important I am Grandma to Vinnie. Vinnie is a 4 year old who recently had the flu which had him very ill for over 2 weeks including weight loss to his already thin body. He overheard his parents talking about diabetes and that maybe Grandma Susan should test him. Vinnie then got in front of them lifted up his shirt and shouted, "See, I don't have diabetes!" In his eyes my Insulin pump is diabetes.
    6 March 2002

  32. Michelle
    My dog is crated when I am not home or not in the room. She is a Siberian Husky, and can be rather naughty at time. I made a mistake a few weeks back by letting her stay inside while I ran to the store. I came home to find what was a full bottle of glucose tabs eaten and chewed to bits on the living room floor. My husband said, "Oh, great, now she's high!"
    28 February 2002

  33. Sarah
    My son Tommy who is 5 and was diagnosed in Aug 2000 recently asked me, "Momma, how many carbohydrates are in flies?" I said, "I don't know, why?" He said, "Because if a diabetic frog wanted to eat one, he would have to know!"
    23 February 2002

  34. Chase
    Chase was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 months old. When Chase was 3, he would get his mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. His cousin, Emily, who was also 3, said, "That's not fair, Chase always gets more snacks!" Chase replied, "Emily, don't worry, you can get snacks when you get diabetes."
    16 February 2002

  35. Jolene
    My four year old with diabetes asked me if snow was sugar-free.
    10 February 2002

  36. Becky
    My daughter Abbie was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in September 2000 when she was 5 years old. She has one older sister and two younger sisters. One day, recently, she was having a low and I gave her a popsicle. I explained to her sisters that this was like medicine for Abbie. Her two-year-sister coughed and said, "I need some medicine."
    19 January 2002

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