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  Humorous Tidbits from 2001

Humorous Tidbits from 2001

The diagnosis of diabetes changes you and your family forever. However, in between the challenges of caring for diabetes come amusing moments that remind us of the important things in our lives, like our families and laughing.
  1. Helen
    Our 4-year-old son Willy, who was diagnosed when he was two, has been judging how low or high his blood sugar is feeling. One day I asked him if he was feeling like his blood sugar was low or high. He held his hand at his shoulder level and said, "I think it's about here."
    28 December 2001

  2. Joanne
    Our son Nicholas, age six, was diagnosed on November 12, 1999 when he was four years old. He has been absolutely wonderful about dealing with his diabetes--NOTHING stops this child. He started pumping on November 9, 2001. We went to his Endo appointment this past Wednesday. Before we left we were sitting in the living room and he looks at me and says, "Mom what does cure mean?" I explained that it means when scientists and doctors find out how to stop a disease or problem and then it's gone forever. He looks at me with this silly expression on his face and says, "Well do you think that you can tell Dr. Yaw to speed things up a little?"
    23 December 2001

  3. Meg
    Our family was sitting at the dinner table and our 20 year old daughter was whining about her sore finger -- the result of a bowling ball dropping on it. As she was continuing to complain, our son, Ian who's had diabetes since April 1997, finally looked at her and said, "Oh, quit your whining! My pancreas doesn't work, but you don't hear me whining about it!" There was silence for a moment, and then we all started laughing! Except for the daughter, who continued to complain about her finger!
    11 December 2001

  4. Laura
    My eight year old son Sean was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on 10/17/01. He missed three days of school and was right back in the swing by Monday. When I went to talk to the school nurse about his program, she informed me her goal would be to have him testing himself by the end of the school year. Well Sean was not only testing himself by that first day but would not let anyone else give him his shots, and on November 21st he got his pump and is planning on teaching his dad how to use it real soon. The resiliency of these children constantly amazes me. We look at this as a "little inconvenience" and Sean kind of likes being special.
    1 December 2001

  5. Jeanne
    My daughter Kathleen (8, diagnosed July 2000), wears an insulin pump. Every morning at school, I tell the nurse what her lunch bolus (dosage) will be, based on the carb count. This week the kids had a "Thanksgiving Feast" at school. I asked the nurse to estimate the carbs for the the meal and to tell Kathleen what her bolus would be. Well, when I arrived later that day, Kathleen's teacher said, "Your daughter almost gave me a nervous breakdown today." Kathleen had come up to the teacher and said, "Please get my nurse." The teacher panicked and assumed Kathleen was having some type of reaction. The teacher's aide flew out of the room to find the nurse, and at the same time the office paged the nurse, "Come to room ..., EMERGENCY!" The assistant principal and nurse came running to the room, leaving their own meals behind. When the nurse asked Kathleen what was wrong, Kathleen took a break from chewing her meal, calmly looked up, and said, "I'd like another piece of pumpkin pie. Can you help me figure out my bolus?" Oh well, at least they had an emergency drill, and I know for sure my daughter is in good hands at school!
    24 November 2001

  6. Heather
    My daughter, Jazzy, was just diagnosed with diabetes last week. She has already mastered her finger pokes. Her little brother Colin, who is 22 months old, always watches her, holds up his finger, and says, "Too." She then pretends to give him a finger poke to he can "be like sissy."
    24 November 2001

  7. Kristopher
    My son Kristopher who is 4 1/2 was diagnosed about three years ago and is starting to have trouble dealing with being the only diabetic he knows. We were in the grocery store when he started to explain to me that his stuffed animal Seibert was also a diabetic like he was. He then went on to explain that someday they were going to find a cure for him and Seibert. It brought tears to my eyes that he has grown up so much in these three short years.
    31 October 2001

  8. Jennifer
    My mom gave my kids "Say No to Drugs" coloring books. My oldest son, Tyler 6 (non D) was looking through it the other day and he came up to me and said, "Look mom. This girl has diabetes too." I just said "Yes, I see. Go show dad," and I laughed when he left the room. It was a picture of a girl getting ready to shoot up drugs.
    10 October 2001

  9. Penny
    My daughter Brandi and I did the JDRF walk last month. While we were there, we made sure to thank all the people who had supported her. We also thanked the company for which she was an advocate. All she kept saying to everyone was the this was a big party for her. When they asked why so, she stated, "I am four, I have diabetes, and this is my party. All these people are for me."
    10 October 2001

  10. Karen
    My son, who is now 12, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 7. During school he had to get up in front of the class and tell what he wanted to be when he grew up. My son stated that he wanted to be a doctor and specialize in diabetes. A witty classmate then asked, "Well, when they find a cure for diabetes, what are you going to do then?" My son replied, "Oh my, I'll have to think of something."
    2 October 2001

  11. Rebecca
    I overheard the cutest thing while we were at a diabetes walk. Emily was walking in front of me with my 6 year old nephew. I was listening to them talk. He said to her, "Em, why are we walking around this place anyway?" I heard her tell him, "We are walking to find a cure for diabetes." My nephew said, "Well, where am I supposed to be looking for it?" I could have died laughing.
    25 September 2001

  12. Melissa
    Our 4 year old daughter Rachel, pumping with a blue Minimed 508 named Blossom, has been learning about Heaven in her Sunday School class. One afternoon while discussing Heaven I informed her that there is no diabetes in Heaven and she got excited and asked, "So when I go to Heaven I can leave Blossom at home?" Well yesterday, out of the blue she decided that she no longer wanted to go to Heaven. When I asked her why? Her response was, "Because I love my diabetes and would miss Blossom!" Out of the mouths of Babes....
    1 September 2001

  13. Sheila
    It is sad how much our little ones are picking up on the lingo associated with diabetes. My little granddaughter was calling to my son and he didn't respond right away, so she yelled out, "You get over here, right this insulin!"
    1 September 2001

  14. Lesa
    My 4 year old and I learned she had diabetes just last week. When we came home from the hospital today, she came up to me just before lunch and said, "OK, give me the test already I'm hungry." It made my day that she would be so quick to understand it. I said, "Sure thing, just let me get the tester and you can eat."
    14 August 2001

  15. Brenda
    Our daughter, Marissa, had had soccer practice on a recent Saturday afternoon and then played outside a little in the evening, including more soccer. Since she is often low several hours after exercise, I offered her a quarter of a Hershey chocolate bar since she had just tested at 75 and wasn't interested in a snack (she uses a pump). As I handed her the chocolate, I explained why she was getting it to our younger daughter, Kathryn. Kathryn, who rarely turns down any chocolate, said "Well, mom, I feel low, too." Of course, she doesn't have diabetes!
    5 August 2001

  16. Jennifer
    My name is Jennifer I have had diabetes for four years. I have been attending Camp Hickory Hill in Columbia, Missouri for the past four years. I have two three-year-old nieces, one of whom came to my house while I was at camp. Sidney (my niece) asked were I was, and my sister said I was at camp. She didn't really understand until my sister said that I was where other kids put their shots in their belly!
    4 August 2001

  17. Jamie
    My daughter Haylee is 14 1/2 months old and it is so cute because when it is time to check her sugar, I will pull out the monitor and click the pricker and Haylee just sticks her little finger up there, and I will prick her finger and then she will clap afterwards and say yea!
    3 August 2001

  18. Lisa
    My daughter (Jessy) is now 10 and 1/2, but when she was seven we walked for the JDF. I had told Jessy the JDF was raising money to find a cure for diabetes. She and her friends went around the neighborhood collecting pledges many days (I was very impressed with her enthusiasm). The morning after the walk, I woke her up for school and the first thing she said to me (with a big smile), was "Did they find the cure?" It broke my heart.
    3 August 2001

  19. Amy
    My daughter Gabrielle was diagnosed at 2 1/2 this past August. We have been participating in diabetes walks with JDRF and ADA. The most recent walk was here in Washington, D.C. I had gathered a team of family and friends to walk with us and designed a great shirt (everyone told me so). At the walk, I was explaining to Gabrielle why so many of her close friends and family were with us. Then I had to go into a discussion of what the word "cure" means. So, when I told her we were collecting money so that the doctors could find a cure for diabetes, she looked at me with a serious 3 year old look and said, "But mommy, the doctors are doing just fine care of me, we don't need a cure." I guess we have done a good job at not making diabetes a negative part of her life. But, of course it brought tears to my eyes.
    10 July 2001

  20. Deena
    My son, Logan, who is 3 and has had diabetes for a year now saw his daddy eating some chips that were his. Logan and his daddy both love chips so they don't last long around our home. Logan wasn't happy with his daddy eating his chips so he started grabbing the bag to take them away from his daddy telling him, "Give me those, you're gonna get high blood sugar!" His daddy and I were laughing so hard since Logan is the only one in our family with diabetes.
    8 July 2001

  21. Michelle
    My daughter Makenzie is six and just finished kindergarten. She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of two. She is very independent with her blood sugar checks. Also, having just finished Kindergarten, she is very excited about showing off what she has learned in school, such as yelling out her blood sugar number off the meter. I sent her into the kitchen one morning to check her breakfast blood sugar and a few minutes later she yelled back, "Momma, I am 25." My heart sank into my stomach as I ran into the kitchen only to find her finger was over one of the numbers and she was 251. A little high, but I'll take that over 25 any day.
    5 July 2001

  22. Sydney
    One time, right before baseball, my mom called me in for my blood test. My brother came in too. He saw me do it. He asked what I was doing. I told him I was putting a drop of blood on the end of this little computer. He told me he wanted a computer too, so he did a blood test and just said, "I'll never ever do that again. No WAY!" And hasn't done it since, but still wants a computer.
    1 July 2001

  23. Jim
    Alexis went to a birthday party that was taking a trip to the apple orchard. When she got to the stand, a lady behind the counter was describing the different type of apples. Alexis asked the lady behind the counter, "Where are the sugar-free trees?"
    11 June 2001

  24. Vanessa
    I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 13. I always babysat my nephew, who was 2 at the time, so he always saw me do my shots. He is now 5 and is learning about drugs at school. The other day he told his mom, "Nessa does drugs everyday."
    10 June 2001

  25. Iris
    I was diagnosed with diabetes at 5 years old. One day my mother called me in from playing because I "had to get a shot." My little friend Michelle looked at me with concern and asked, "Who's going to shoot you?"
    5 June 2001

  26. Iris
    I was doing day care for my friend's four-year old son one summer, and every morning he would come over before breakfast and watch me do my shot. Every day he would ask me, "Did it hurt?" and I would say, "No." Then one day I nicked a blood vessel and ended up with a nasty bruise. Andre asked, "Did it hurt" and I said, "Yes!" He said, "Then you did it wrong." He was right, too!
    5 June 2001

  27. Jamie
    My daughter, who is now 10, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 3. About a year after her diagnoses, we were at a restaurant with relatives and had gone into the bathroom for her shot. My daughter's 6 year old cousin accompanied us and as some women started to enter the bathroom, she yelled, "Don't worry, we're just doing shots in here!"
    5 June 2001

  28. Lynn
    My 5 year old kindergartener wears her diabetes "bracelet" around her ankle because it's more comfortable and doesn't get in her way. One day at school, her friend asked her, "How do you know which leg has diabetes?" My daughter laughingly replied, "My whole BODY has diabetes!"
    4 June 2001

  29. Erica
    I am 15 years old and have been diabetic for four years. Once, during a softball game, I was sitting on the bench and I called to my mom, "Hey mom, can you get me some alcohol?" I meant that I needed an alcohol swab to do an insulin shot. You should have seen the looks on the parents' faces when my mom replied, "Sure honey, I'll go get you some!"
    3 June 2001

  30. Jen
    Our nine year old daughter was diagnosed two years ago. Frequently, she brings down her "highs" with a big glass of water. Her three year old brother came to me the other day and asked for a drink of water. After being told to wait a minute, he said, "But I'm high--I need a drink NOW!"
    28 May 2001

  31. Kathy, Scott, Brianna and Aaron
    My daughter has both diabetes and epilepsy. She was diagnosed with diabetes on October 15, 1995 and epilepsy in November of 1995. When she started school in the following fall, she would come home every day crying because some of the children were making fun of her when she checked her sugar level at lunch. Two weeks after this started, Brianna came home happy and laughing. Naturally we wanted to see what had made such a difference. When we called her teacher the next morning, she started laughing and told us that Brianna had told them that she had to check her sugar and use insulin because Jesus had made her too sweet. Brianna is now in the fourth grade and still goes to the same school. She understands and knows about diabetes now. But when she is asked why she has to check her sugar, she still replies the same way: Jesus made her too sweet. We are extremely proud of her. Not only has she overcome this and is now friends with the very girls that once made fun of her, but she has also convinced two adults to try the insulin pump.
    26 April 2001

  32. Karren
    Zachary, our two year old diabetic, just got a doctor's kit from the Easter Bunny. He was really getting into playing doctor when we sat down to eat breakfast Easter morning. As soon as we finished, he went to his new doctor's bag and got out the syringe and medicine vial. We watched him pretend to withdraw insulin from the bottle and thought he was going to give himself a shot. He came back to his dad and said, "Okay daddy, time for your insulin shot now, you just ate breakfast." It was the start of a beautiful Easter morning.
    April 18, 2001

  33. Zach
    Our son Kyle was diagnosed at 18 months in January 2000. Our first eating out adventure since diagnosis was to Red Lobster for a friend's birthday. Being newbies at carb counting, I called the restaurant that afternoon and asked the guy on the phone if they had the nutritional values for their menu items. His response: "Oh man, this stuff ain't got no nutritional value, it's all fried."
    April 15, 2001

  34. Rebecca
    Not far from where we live in Pennsylvania, traveling Route 30 E to Lancaster their is a shoe house. It is literally a house in the shape of shoe, that I understand used to be quite a tourist attraction in its day. Emily loves to drive by the shoe house and look at it from the car window as we pass by. Yesterday was the first time was passed it since her diagnosis and there was a for sale sign on it. Emily, age 5, asked "Mommy can we buy the shoe house?" Jokingly I replied "Sure, but I'll have to ask your Dad." A few minutes passed by and she asked " What do people eat if they live in a shoe house? Do they have to eat broth without any bread?" "Yup," I replied. "That's what people in shoe houses eat." After a moment Emily says, "We'll I guess we can't live there because I'd never get all my carbs."
    March 25, 2001

  35. Deb
    I had a dinner party and all my friends and family were there and their children. My three year old with diabetes would not eat the dinner that was catered -- she wanted to run with the other children. I had given her her Humalog already and was very worried that her blood sugar was going to drop. My mother took over to help get her to eat. As I stood up to check on something, I told my mom to "make sure she gets ALL the icing off of the cake first, then the cake, then the broccoli and then the chicken ... and don't let her fill up on broccoli before the cake!" You should have seen the looks on all our guests faces. They knew our daughter had diabetes but didn't know much about diabetes management. I looked at everyone staring with their mouths open and had to laugh.
    March 25, 2001

  36. Mark
    My son Graham is 6 and was diagnosed a month ago. He is acting out his anger with bad behavior. In trying to understand what in particular was getting him angry, I asked him whether Rufus, the bear with diabetes, minded his diabetes. He told me Rufus doesn't mind diabetes because he doesn't like sweets very much.
    March 18, 2001

  37. Mommy
    Our two-year-old daughter Samantha was diagnosed one week ago tomorrow. There have been many tears this week. Last night at dinner, with a tear from her shot still in her eye, she smiled proudly and exclaimed, "I am taking good care of my diabetes!"
    March 11, 2001

  38. Colleen
    I have three sons. My oldest son, Dustin, age 6, was diagnosed with diabetes one year ago. In our family conversations, we have always said that we don't have diabetes now, but there is always a chance that anyone could develop diabetes. One day, my 5 year old son asked how long Dustin was in the hospital when he was diagnosed. I told him that he was in for one week, but that if he or his younger brother ever got diabetes that we would only have to stay a day or two because mommy and daddy already knew all about diabetes. He thought about this for a few minutes and then replied, "You know what, Mom? I wish I had diabetes!" Trying to contain my surprise, I calmly asked, "Why is that?" He replied, "Because then Dusty would have stayed in the hospital for just a couple of days!" I had to think about this reasoning for a minute. When the sincerity of his thoughts hit me, I must admit, I cried. Now THAT is brotherly love!
    February 4, 2001

  39. Laurie
    My daughter was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Missing school and her journal one of the nurses gave her a notebook for her to write in as a hospital journal. I had to call grandma when I read her first entry, "Dear Journal, Hospitals aren't to bad, at least you get room service."
    February 4, 2001

  40. Adrienne
    I got an insulin pump last year. People always think that it is a pager. I was at my boyfriend's house one night and dialed in my insulin. His mom was on the phone and when she got off she said, "Do you need to use the phone to answer your page?" Also my friend Jenny has recently been calling it my sugar pager!
    February 4, 2001

  41. Doug and Tammy
    Our Grandson Hunter was diagnosed in August 2000. He was 3 in December 2000. My wife and I get the grandkids on Saturdays to give my daughter a break. The first time I gave Hunter his shot, my eyes were tearing up. After I was done, I hugged him and gave him a kiss, and told him I was sorry for hurting him. He walked away rolling down his shirt sleeve and said, "You didn't hurt me Pa-Pa!"
    February 4, 2001

  42. Ellen
    My son brought me his meter after I asked him to check. He showed it to me -- 201. Then he pointed out that it was upside down and his blood glucose was really 102. You have to have a sense of humor about this! He mentioned that next time it's 105 he'll try it on my husband!
    January 16, 2001

  43. Sandra
    We were having a conversation with my daughter Colleen, diagnosed at three and just turned five, about learning to inject herself as she gets older. Colleen said, "No way, when I'm a Mommy I will inject my babies." Ah, too sweet! After all they are children first and just living in extraordinary circumstances, living with diabetes.
    January 16, 2001

  44. Brenda
    My daughter Stacy, now 13, was diagnosed at 7 years old. One day she came home from school with a big bruise on her arm. Her friend's two-year-old little sister was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and she had never given her a shot before, so Stacy told her, "Next time I'm high you can give me my shot for practice." Mom was so touched.
    January 5, 2001

  45. Desiree
    My daughter Brianna was diagnosed in July 2000 at 20 months. Everyday it's my job to take care of her every need, and over the Christmas week, daddy was home to give me a hand. So as my husband went to give her the nightly dose of NPH, I could hear her say, "Thank you daddy for my needle!" She was so excited! It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Its amazing how kids adapt even to the ugly things that happen to them.
    January 5, 2001

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