Diabetes Blogs

Blogs are basically online diaries that sometimes permit readers to comment on a story. They're great fun and very popular, plus they're easy to set up and use even for someone who has no computer skills. Diabetes blogs, like all blogs, contain a wide variety of content on lots of topics.

Here's a selected list of diabetes-related blogs that we've found. There are many more, and you'll find links to more diabetes blogs on the blogs below.

Parents of Kids with Diabetes

  1. Marha O'Connor
    CWD mom and published author
  2. Mi Hijo tiene Diabetes (My Son has Diabetes)
    By Mariana Vivar from Chile
  3. A Shot in the Dark
    Sandra's ten-year-old son was recently diagnosed
  4. Mom Wants a Diabetes Cure
    Shannon's oldest son has type 1 diabetes
  5. Type 1 Diabetes
    Mom Jen has a son with type 1 diabetes

Adults with Diabetes

  1. [RECOMMENDED!] Diabetes Mine
    "A gold mine of straight talk and encouragement for people living with diabetes" by Amy, mother of three small children
  2. [RECOMMENDED!] Six Until Me
    Author Kerri, diagnosed at six, writes movingly about life with type 1 diabetes
  3. [RECOMMENDED!] Close Concerns Weblog
    From Kelly Close of Close Concerns
    From Dr. Bill Quick, focusing mostly on type 2 diabetes, including his recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes
  5. The Diabetes Blog
    By Allie, who was diagnosed as a child. Part of Weblogs, Inc., a large blog network.
  6. LifeAfterDx
    A internet journal from one of the first T1 Diabetics to use the Guardian RT continuous glucose monitor
  7. The 'betes
    "Tekakwitha" lives in Chicago and was diagnosed with type 1 in April 2004
  8. Dr Jekyll and Mrs Low
    Val was diagnosed with type 1 two years ago
  9. Pumplandia
    Violet's Diabetes Blog
  10. Broken
    Lori's blog, who was diagnosed in severe DKA and suffered a brain injury
  11. Candid Diabetes
    Tiffany has had type 1 for 14 years
  12. Scott's Diabetes Journal
    Scott has had type 1 since April 1980

Non-English Diabetes Blogs

  1. Diabetes STOP
    Spanish-language blog

More Blog Links

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