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Children with Diabetes web site address cards and brochures make it easy to share the web site with others. The address cards contain the web site logo and address. The brochure contains highlights of the web site. Both are free to anyone who needs them.

Please note that the brochure doesn't have information about diabetes. It just has information about the what's available at the Children with Diabetes web site.

If you would like cards or brochures to share with people you know or care for, please use this form to request as many as you need. Since our resources are limited, please request only those cards and brochures that you need. Please be sure to include your phone number and e-mail address so we can contact you if we have any questions, and let us know who has diabetes or if you're a health care professional.


Postal Code:
Other Country:
Who has diabetes?
Number of CWD URL Cards:
Number of CWD Brochures:
Number of Quilt Brochures:
Number of Conference Brochures:
Intended Use:
Please be specific

Remember: The brochure has information about
the Children with Diabetes website.
It doesn't have information about diabetes.

Due to postage costs, shipments to some
countries may be limited.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Note About
Welcome Kit Coupons:
Due to excessive fraud, welcome kit coupons are no longer available online. Welcome kit coupons will always be available at CWD Conferences. We will also work to distribute them through CDEs we meet at ADA and AADE conferences. No further online requests for coupons will be filled.

Image of URL Card
The URL card

One of two CWD brochures. Click to see the other image.

The back of the new CWD brochure. Click to view a larger image.

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